About Us

Jigyasa is India’s leading handwriting and training brand. It was started by Handwriting Coach & Graphologist- Mrs.Shalini V Jha.

She firmly believes that a person’s handwriting is a mirror of their mind & soul. Good handwriting helps you create your own future and achieve everything you want in life.

Our Mission and Vision

Learn with passion to live purpose.

Mrs. Shalini V Jha started Jigyasa with a vision to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions.  Our programs are designed to help clients develop a confident, legible, and identify their Personal own personal writing style.

A little about your coach

Shalini V Jha is a multifaceted professional and is on a mission to strengthen people and catapult the learning and development of her clients to the next level. She ensures this by providing Education, Development, and Support to her People across Geographical boundaries. Shalini’s methodology is to nurture the strengths and enhance and empower them for their holistic development.

Shalini V Jha Handwriting Analyst, Expert & Coach

Our Core Team