Handwriting Improvement Course- ENGLISH LEVEL 1 + LEVEL 2




Our program is designed in such a way that  we are covering even the smallest basic issues of writing 


👉 How to enhance Kid’s concentration

👉 Tips to Bring back Kid’s Love & Interest In Writing 

👉 Correct Sitting posture

👉 Tilting of Book

👉 Pressure

👉 Holding Of Pencil/Pen

👉 Guidance for Left-Hand Writers


✅ Importance of Hand movements over Formations

✅ Strokes/Patterns

✅ Alphabet Formations

✅ 61 Techniques & Correct formations of Capital A – Z  

✅ 61 Techniques & Correct formations of Small a-z

✅ Baseline, Ascender & Descender line

✅ Letter Placement


Level 2 is designed for extensive and deep concepts of handwriting. 


✅ Rules of joining 

✅ How to join Capital Letter to Small letters in a Correct form.

✅ Rules and importance of spacing 

✅ How to give spacing and join words with proper alignment.

✅ Rules and importance of sizing 

✅ How to write each letter with proper sizing

✅ Rules to write words

✅ Know Correct way of Connecting Small or Big etc.Words.

✅ Rules to write Paragraph 

✅ Spacing between words when writing sentences or paragraph



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